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Who We are

Ontreat is fullscale software development agency of Nepal. We’re a dedicated team of IT professionals who provide scalable solutions and technical support. At Ontreat, we are extremely committed to deliver quality support and services to assist our clients via best technology practices to achieve the maximum profit from their investment.

Our journey was started back in 2013. Despite of various challenges in early phase, the company formed a very strong team and pivoted to Python/Django Agency since 2016.







We mainly focused on web-developing process here..

Resposive Web Design

We offer best user-experience and user-interface with highly resposive websites, easily accesible and optimized for different platforms.

Custom Web Development

Our team develops highly-flexible, customized and high-quality functional web applications in worldclass framework.

Web Scraping

We provide high peformance scraping tools and data-services for various businesses like automation, analysis of data etc ..

WordPress Solutions

We offer highly-customizable, super user-friendly and a great CMS for managing the content of your website independently.

Work Process

Our Web Development Process makes sure that we don't waste any important resources and time throughout phase of the web development.

Research & Planning


Clean Coding

Testing & Debugging


Support & Maintaince


From MVP to fullscale product


HTML/CSS, jQuery, Bootstrap, Python/Django


Bootstrap, Python/Django, Postgres, Celery/Redis, Django REST framework


Python/Django, Celery/Redis, Django REST framework, Stripe


Python/Django, Django REST framework, jQuery, Stripe, Twilio SMS


Python/Django, Postgres, Celery/Redis, Django REST framework, Stripe

Web Scraping

Tornado, Scrapy, Selenium, PhantomJS, BeautifulSoup

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